Spring Application Services

Exercise: Chat Application (Basic Messaging)

  1. Run the ActiveMQ Artemis message broker in a docker container:
    docker run --name artemis --detach --rm -p 61616:61616 -p 8161:8161
               -e ANONYMOUS_LOGIN=true apache/activemq-artemis:latest-alpine
  2. Create a Spring application with the starters spring-boot-starter-artemis and spring-boot-starter-json as dependencies.
  3. Define application properties that provide the URL of the ActiveMQ Artemis message broker and enable the publish-subscribe domain:
  4. spring.artemis.broker-url=tcp://localhost:61616
  5. Implement a publisher and a listener component that allow a user to send text messages to and receive text messages from the topic ChatTopic.
  6. Add a property user to the messages that identifies the sender of the message and display it.
  7. Define a message selector such that the sender's own messages are not received.