Web Programming

Todo Web Application (Sessions)

The objective of this exercise is to implement a session that contains the currently logged-in user.


  1. Create the server page login.jsp with a form that allows a user to log in or to register with his username and password. (Hint: Use the value attribute of the submit buttons to distinguish the two actions.)
  2. Implement the servlet UserAdminServlet that provides a doPost method that either logs in or registers a user, depending on the button pressed. On success, a session with the logged-in user is created; on failure, an error message is displayed on the login page.
  3. Remove the global todo list from the servlet TodoListServlet and use the todo list of the logged-in user stored in the session instead.
  4. Modify the server page todoList.jsp such that the title contains the name of the logged-in user.
  5. (Optional) Add a logout button to the sever page todoList.jsp and extend the servlet UserAdminServlet such that the session is invalidated if the button is pressed.