Web Programming



  1. Download the ZIP archive of the Tomcat 10 server from https://tomcat.apache.org/download-10.cgi
  2. Extract the archive to a sensible directory, e.g. C:\apache-tomcat-10.0.10

Run from IntelliJ

  1. In IntelliJ, open your Maven web project, e.g. servlets
  2. In the Run menu, choose Edit Configurations...
  3. In the popup window
    • Click the plus sign to add a new configuration and choose Tomcat Server Local from the list
    • Enter Tomcat as configuration name
    • Click the Configure button of the application server and enter Tomcat's installation directory
    • In the Deployment tab, click the plus sign and add servlets:war exploded as artifact
    • Enter / as application context
    • In the Server tab, choose Update classes and resources on frame deactivation
Server Tab
Deployment Tab